Let’s Get Your E-Commerce Goods into Spain

Spain is the second-largest country in the European Union and is the birthplace of the second most widely spoken language, Spanish.

With a population of 47 000 000 people, Spain has the fifth largest population in Europe.

Spain on map

Why Spain?

The E-commerce Economy

Spain is the fourth-largest economy in the EU. Its stable economy makes it great for new businesses and growth.


Spain is known for being a hub for trade and international business.

Setting Up To Launch

To launch your brand in Spain as a non-resident importer, you will need to obtain a VAT Registration and an EU EORI number. You will be required to submit periodic filings, typically on a quarterly basis, as assigned by the local tax office. Additionally, Spain has strict regulations for product compliance, requiring authorized representation or responsible persons for certain products such as food and contact materials, electronics, and toys.

Launching Your Brand In Spain

When shipping your goods into Spain, you will also need to appoint an Importer of Record to act on your behalf, and VAT of 21% will be payable on the import value. However, this can be reclaimed. It is important to properly classify your goods as duties are based on classification and are non-refundable. Shipping can also be arranged directly to Spain or other EU countries.

Spain has the 13th largest e-commerce market in the world

The e-commerce market grew by 17 per cent in 2021

In February 2022, Amazon.es had 159 thousand views

The first novel is attributed to a Spanish author

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