Let’s Get Your E-Commerce Goods into Poland

Every Polish name has its own holiday! In addition to birthdays, Poles celebrate their name day, which is the day commemorating the Saint they are named after.

Open since 1275, the “Piwnica Swidnicka” in Wrocław is the oldest restaurant in Europe. You can still eat there today!

World map with Poland

Why Poland

Growing Economy

Since joining the European Union in 2004, Poland’s economy has grown rapidly.


Poland is a regional leader in development and innovation and is also well-known for supporting start-ups.

Setting Up to Launch

When setting your business up in Poland as a non-resident importer, you’ll need to secure a VAT Registration and an EU EORI number before launching your brand in Poland. The Polish tax office typically requires periodic filings on a monthly basis.

When it comes to product compliance, Poland is a country with strict regulations. To ensure your products meet the necessary standards, you may need to appoint authorized representatives or responsible persons for food and contact materials, electronics, and toys.

Launching Your Brand into Poland

Partnering with an Importer of Record is crucial in successfully importing your goods into Poland. Upon shipping your products, you’ll be required to pay a 23% VAT on the import value – typically the selling price of your goods. However, this VAT can be reclaimed.

It’s important to accurately classify your goods when importing into Poland, as duties will be based on this classification and are non-refundable. Direct shipping to Poland or other countries in the EU is also an option for your business.

20th biggest e-commerce market in the world

In 2021, the e-commerce market grew by 21%

50% of the Polish population purchased something online in 2021

Vodka originates from Poland

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