Product Compliance

Meeting product compliance requirements is a massive task. Fortunately, we have a team of highly qualified professionals who will research and facilitate your product journey. Our centralized product compliance service ensures your goods are ready for import and sale.

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Managed Services

Zee Assessment Product Compliance
We assess all of your products and research the specific labelling, safety assessments, documents, and testing standards to ensure you meet product compliance requirements.
Zee Compliance Process
Our team will coordinate the product research and prepare a compliance journey for you while working with the relevant agents, testing facilities, and representatives on your behalf.
Zee Ongoing Compliance
We will do ongoing research on your products and monitor regulatory changes that may apply to you to ensure you are never caught in a compliance dilemma.

What is Product Compliance?

Product compliance refers to the regulatory requirements that your inventory must adhere to import and sell in a new country.

Each country has its product compliance regulations. Therefore, research done in one country may not apply to another. For some complex cases, you may be required to approach a local agent or representative with a physical presence in the country you are shipping to in order to act on your behalf when the authorities have questions about your product.

Why is Product Compliance Testing important?

Product compliance testing is important in a number of ways. Perhaps most importantly, it ensures that products meet the legal product compliance requirements, proving their safety and quality. This helps importers and exporters to help stave off potential penalties and damages. 

This also means that marketed goods are safer for customers. Products which meet compliance testing standards mean a reduced risk of injury and harm for those who buy them. This is especially important with products like perishables, or children’s toys. 

Compliance testing is also a great way to ensure your products are marketable globally, as many countries have similar requirements. However, these can differ, so it’s important to check the regulations for your specific country.

How Can ze Help?

Zee Labeling Tag
We perform a full review of all your product labels to determine whether the label complies with relevant product compliance regulations.
Stamp on Safety for Product Compliance
We research the safety standards your products need to meet and highlight them for you to focus on in your production phase.
Zee Documents Product Compliance
We help you source and draft the necessary declarations of conformity and documents to allow for a seamless import.
Zee Testing Product Compliance
We identify the type of testing required for your product and find the appropriate testing facilities for your specific product.

What is Local Representation?

Just as you need a local representative to import goods into a country or to act as your agent for VAT purposes, you may also need to appoint an authorized representative or responsible agent to represent your goods in your destination country. This can include authorized representation for CE or UKCE markings, FDA & FSVP registration, and responsible persons.

zee can find the appropriate representative for your products and will manage representation on your behalf. Thus, saving you time and resources spent on this appointment.

Technology at Your Fingertips

Take control of your product compliance journey with a personalized dashboard where you can:
• View your product compliance requirements,
• Complete tasks,
• And upload and download your documents

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