Import Logistics

Why work with multiple parties in the shipping process when you can solve all of your import logistics issues with one team?

Our in-house freight solutions give you an integrated import logistics and compliance solution. We save you time and money – all in one place!

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Our Logistics Services


Zee Courier Services
  • Ideal for smaller shipments (up to 10 pallets) with express delivery (4-10 days transit time).
  • Leverage relationships with trusted couriers while still benefiting from seamless communication.
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  • Ideal for larger shipments (more than ten pallets, LCL, and FCL shipments) with integrated savings.
  • Benefit from our in-house freight forwarding solution for larger shipments using air, road, or ocean.
  • Why Use Our Freight Solution?

    ze’s integrated import logistics and compliance solution will give you the benefits of a cost-effective experience that takes your shipment directly from your supplier to your desired warehouse.

    Our experienced team of experts is well practiced in guiding clients through import issues globally. For e-commerce sellers, we deliver exceptional customer service in air and ocean freight forwarding, ground transportation, and customs clearance. In addition, we offer operational assistance for documentation and compliance with regulations.

    Benefits of Using Our One Stop Shop Import Solution.

    Simplicity at your fingertips with ready-to-use rates from your supplier to your warehouses.

    All-inclusive rates for up to 6 pallets for both door-to-door and port-to-door shipments.

    Free palletization and labeling according to e-commerce guidelines.

    A dedicated shipping specialist to handle all your shipments.

    Restock Quickly and Reliably

    Restock delays can seriously affect your inventory levels and potentially impact your sales. Air freight is the quickest and most reliable method to combat any restock delays when choosing freight options.

    As a result, zee has established trusted relationships with global air carriers that can offer the fastest way to ship your products directly from your supplier’s warehouse to fulfillment centers.

    Tracking at Your Fingertips

    Get instant quotes and powerful data-driven insights from our zeApp. Enjoy the added convenience of completing tasks in-app, real-time tracking of your delivery times, and always being in the loop.

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