Import Compliance and Logistics

Our zee IOR service ensures that your shipment complies with local import laws and regulations. We act as your dedicated Importer of Record(IOR), take responsibility for your shipment, and pay the associated fees, import duties, and taxes on your behalf.

zee is a partner that will help you secure a solid future for your business. We strive to collaborate with you to safeguard a simpler road to your global success.

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Our Import Compliance Services

Zee Importer of Record
  • Import using our name as the Importer of Record.
  • Avoid all associated customs and audit risks – we will take care of that!
  • Zee Import And Customs
  • We identify product codes, and classify HS codes and ECCN numbers.
  • We provide a customs broker and perform customs clearance.
  • We pay duties and taxes on your behalf.
  • You will never have to deal with stuck shipments!
  • Zee freight ship - Import Logistics
  • Choose from our integrated courier and freight forwarding shipping options.
  • Track the final delivery from departure to the e-commerce fulfillment center.
  • Restock quickly and reliably.
  • Why Do I Need an Importer of Record?

    An Importer of Record (IOR) can help your e-commerce products enter a new foreign market where you are not legally based or done have a registered presence.

    Once your goods have arrived in-country, you will need a locally registered party to act as IOR and help to clear your goods through customs.

    zee saves you the stress of customs clearance by offering expert IOR services to guide you to global success

    Fast-tracked shipping within 4 days thanks to our expedited VAT and product compliance.

    Documents received for one shipment are kept for future shipments.

    Queries are researched and considered for upcoming shipments.

    Your import documents are sent directly to your VAT specialist.

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