Import and Customs Clearance

zee’s import and customs solution allows you to expand to new markets without the problems that normally come with imports and dealing with customs authorities. We make the global expansion journey feel as effortless as local shipping.

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Import and Customs Services

Zee Customs Support
We provide and interact with the customs broker and authorities on your behalf, which results in an easy import process.
Zee Duties and taxes
We calculate the duties and taxes for you and pay these over on your behalf, making it easier for you to plan and predict duty rates. We also assist with free-trade agreements.
Zee Product Classification
We integrate with your store to research your complete product list, identify product codes and classify HS codes and ECCN numbers.

Why Use zee for Import and Customs?

If you are an e-commerce seller importing into a foreign market, there are risks of stuck, seized, or even destroyed shipments.

zee’s experienced team work with customs brokers and authorities daily and remove the burden of learning customs processes and dealing with time constraints.

Dealing with customs and preparing the documentation is what we are good at, saving you time to focus on what you are good at – selling!

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What are the Benefits of Using zee for Importer of Record Service?

Documents supplied for one shipment are kept for future shipments.

Queries are researched and considered for upcoming shipments.

Import Documents are consigned correctly from the start.

Fast-tracked shipping with four days saved in import compliance checks.

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Tech-enabled Import Compliance

Our ze App provides instant quoting and in-app task completion, saving you time and money on the import compliance process. Any import documentation is available on the app, including your final customs documents.

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