Customs Compliance Service

Our zee IOR service ensures that each import complies with local laws and regulations. We take responsibility for your shipment & pay for the associated fees, import duties, and taxes.

E-commerce Sellers Importing into Foreign Markets

Once your goods have arrived in-country, you will need a locally registered party to help clear your goods. This is known as an Importer of record (IOR) or indirect representative.

zesaves you the stress of worrying about customs clearance by offering expert IOR services to help you on your way to global success.

If I have a broker, do I still need an IOR?

Yes. A broker files the import paperwork on the IOR’s behalf but doesn’t take on any of the risk. This is why many freight companies offer a brokerage service. Without an IOR, your goods will not be cleared. This is a common mistake made by sellers which often result in stuck shipments.

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What about freight?

zee provides a door-to-door solution, including freight, to help you simplify your logistics and keep stock limits stable. We partner with well-known freight companies to bring you competitive rates and fantastic customer service. We also work with your sea or road freight provider to ensure a smooth customs clearance.

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DDP Shipping

Using our full DDP import solution we seamlessly manage the entire shipping process on your behalf.


Arrange pick up, international air freight and final delivery at the lowest rate possible.

Importer of Record

Import in our name as IOR. As a result, all associated risks lie with us.


We provide a customs broker and perform customs clearance.

Duty & Tax

Pay the duties and taxes on your behalf.

VAT Reclaim

Provide documentation to enable you to recover Import VAT/GST.

Shipment Tracking

Track the final delivery to the e-commerce Fulfillment Centre.

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