How do I ship to an International Amazon Fulfillment center?

Posted on 27 July 2021

Step 1: Create listings on Seller Central, ensure you are on the right market place.
Step 2: Prepare your commercial invoice.
Step 3: Source a customs Broker, IOR, and Freight provider.
Step 4: Begin shipping your goods.
Step 5: Clear your goods through domestic customs.
Step 6: Ship your goods to their international destination.
Step 7: Clear your product through foreign customs.
Step 8: Transport your products to the FBA center.

Please bear in mind that the size of European pallets is smaller than that of standard pallets, and Amazon Europe only accepts Euro pallets. If you send them standard pallets they will reject your shipment.

zee assists sellers to streamline and simplify steps six through eight with our door-to-door solution. We act as IOR on your behalf and arrange for brokerage and freight.