Let’s Get Your E-Commerce Goods into the Czech Republic

Czechia citizens are known for being warm, welcoming, and friendly. So much so, Czechia ranks as one of the safest countries in the world.

Czechs are the world record holders for beer drinking and in most Czech pubs and restaurants, beer on tap costs less than practically all non-alcoholic beverages.

World map with Czech-Republic

Why Czech Republic

Growing Interest in Cross-Border E-Commerce

Interest in cross-border e-commerce is growing among Czech customers.

Mobile Phone Access

Recently, smartphone usage in the Czech Republic has grown in popularity. This means larger screens and access to faster and more reliable internet connections, which has led to a better e-commerce experience.

Setting Up to Launch

To establish your brand in Czech Republic as a non-resident importer, you must obtain a VAT registration and an EU EORI number. The local tax office will mandate regular filings, which are usually done on a monthly basis.

In addition, Czech Republic has strict regulations on product compliance, requiring authorized representation or responsible parties for food, contact materials, electronics, and toys.

Launching Your Brand in Czech Republic

When importing goods into Czech Republic, you will require an Importer of Record to act on your behalf, even if you have a VAT registration and EU EORI number. A VAT of 21% will be charged on the import value, which is typically the selling price of your goods, but it can be reclaimed. It’s important to correctly classify your goods as duties are based on the classification and are not refundable.

You can also arrange for direct shipping to Czech Republic or other EU countries.

43rd biggest e-commerce market in the world

The e-commerce market grew by 17% in 2021

E-commerce revenue was predicted to be worth $3,812 billion at the end of 2020

Beer is cheaper than water in the Czech Republic

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