What Sells Best On Amazon FBA?

Posted on 10 December 2021

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One of the most fundamental advantages you can have as an FBA seller is to enter the Amazon marketplace with product listings customers actually want to buy.

To profit reliably without hemorrhaging money on shipping, taxes, and other costs that come part and parcel with doing business FBA-style, it’s essential to enter the e-commerce arena with the right inventory and a tactical management strategy that will help bolster your Amazon IPI score.

So, what are the top-selling FBA products on the market today, and how can you leverage this knowledge to make a splash as an Amazon FBA seller?

Let’s take a look.

Top Most Sellable Products On Amazon

The following products are the most reliable ones for establishing yourself as an FBA business:

Books – If we keep hearing appeals to patronize our local bookshops, it’s because most consumers are using Amazon to track down that obscure volume on Ancient Methods for Healing Skin Eczema rather than query their local bookseller about it. Books have been Amazon’s top-selling product since the get-go, making them the world’s largest book retailer, and they remain one of the most reliable revenue streams for Amazon FBA sellers.1

Gadgets and electronics – While Walmart and Best Buy are having to dock electronics prices to compete with Amazon, the Amazon marketplace offers unparalleled diversity in this category. Electronics ranked as the best-selling product category in 2019.2

Clothing, footwear, and accessories – Apparel was the second-most purchased product category in 2019.2Bear in mind that certain subcategories of clothing do better than others, like intimates and exercise apparel (probably because consumers aren’t crazy about purchasing a used pair of undies online).

In addition to these tried-and-true categories, the following types of goods have also been on the rise in 2020 and 2021:

Top Products: Why They Make The Cut

Back in the days of department stores, the experience a customer had with a product firsthand played a key role in persuading them to make a purchase—fit, user experience, and even their relationship with an associate could all make the difference between a conversion and a forfeited sale.

The world of e-commerce—particularly Amazon FBA business—is worlds apart. These days, consumer habits are governed by the following factors.

#1 Evergreen Products

The easiest way to hit the ground running as an FBA seller and achieve a competitive ranking is to choose a range of products that suit a consumers’ needs with no shelf life. All of the categories listed above, in some shape or form, meet a demand or fulfill a purpose that will never be obsolete—and entering into a subcategory under one of these headings can enable you to marry high-demand products with less peer-to-peer competition.

Furthermore, products that don’t go out of style tend to have less red tape around getting into business with Amazon. Home goods, for instance, have a much lower barrier to entry than fine jewelry.3

Once you’ve established yourself as a reliable, lucrative seller—in both Amazon and users’ eyes—you can experiment with branching out into more niche product listings and services.

#2 Price Points

To stay competitive as an FBA seller in any category, you’ll need to keep your prices on par with your peers—or have a very good reason not to. On the whole, the best products on Amazon fall in the $10 and $50 range.4

There are some districts where you may be able to get away with (or even gain leverage by) increasing your prices, like name-brand clothing and accessories. This is because:

However, there will always be trade-offs. As a fashion seller, for instance, you’ll need to factor in the inevitable avalanche of returns that may occur with this category (at least until the technology for digital fitting rooms is developed).

#3 Ease of Shipping

Amazon has set a new precedent for businesses everywhere, which means the speed of shipping and ease of returns are now non-negotiables, with many users abandoning a purchase if the shipping cost runs too high or if making a return is too much of a headache.5

To keep your costs low for the consumer, you’ll need to streamline every element of your shipping protocol. This is especially critical in international shipping, involving exporting and importing. Import duties and taxes can add up, which means it’s highly advisable to work with a third-party Importer Of Record (IOR) to keep shipping and freight costs low for your business.

#4 Reliability and Reviews

Finally, you’ll need to establish a reputation of both quality and reliability as an FBA seller. From the B2B side, this means working with a supplier who can respond to surges in demand with agility without compromising on quality.

From a customer-facing perspective, your reputation as an Amazon seller will be rewarded with positive customer feedback, as it ultimately enhances the customer service experience. Both the quality of product and delivery experience will factor into your customer reviews, proving a deciding factor in both your Amazon BSR and your appeal to users.

Advance Your FBA Position With Zee

It takes more than high-demand merchandise to stay competitive among sellers trafficking in the same goods. To avoid inflated price points, keep expenditures low. And to avert any shipping hitches that can negatively impact customer reviews and secure Customs Compliance and VAT Compliance for your imports, you’ll need to ensure your shipping protocol is as seamless and streamlined as possible.

Zee is a one-stop-shop shipping partner for international FBA businesses that can:

To integrate a shipping method that can drive—not hinder—your popularity as an FBA business, choose Zee.


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