In 2020, Amazon’s annual revenue was over $386.1billion, with a third of Americans holding a Prime account. Amazon accounts for around 45 percent of the US e-commerce market share (2019) and has shown continuous growth. In 2018, 200 000 sellers had sales of over $100 000, with this figure rising to 225 000 in 2019.

It’s evident that Amazon has proven to be a world of opportunity, but this is only true if you sell the right product.

When running an Amazon FBA business, deciding what to sell could be the difference between success and failure. Discover the best products to sell on Amazon and handy tips and advice to help your FBA business succeed.

The Best Products to Sell on Amazon FBA

For any e-commerce seller, the Amazon Marketplace Best Sellers List offers valuable data to help you make the best choice. The list features all bestselling FBA categories, showing the top-selling products within each.

There are, however, specific categories that consistently appear on the bestsellers list. This can be a great starting point when deciding what kind of product to sell. 

Examples of commonly featured categories include:

Pet Supplies

The pet supplies industry is worth an estimated $99 billion in the US alone, with products for cats and dogs stealing most of the limelight. During the COVID-19 outbreak, pet ownership increased, helping to grow the market further.

Bestselling products within the Pet Supplies category on Amazon include collars, leashes, and pet food. This is a highly competitive area, but choosing a niche could help you capitalize on this growing industry. You could decide to target pet supplies for less popular animals, such as Fish and Aquatic Pets. You could go even more granular and choose a section of that category, such as food, aquariums, or cleaning supplies.


With a new baby at home, anything to make life a little easier will sell well. Selling baby products through Amazon FBA is convenient for new families and can help them save costs.

You could offer baby products in bulk or at discounted prices with quick delivery for added convenience. Bestselling products within the baby category include nappies, wipes, and baby care products such as lotions, creams, and ointments.

Sports and Outdoor

Products such as weights, water bottles, and yoga mats consistently perform well in the Sports and Outdoor categories. This is a growing industry with more focus on health and wellness. Bear in mind that seasonality could play a role within this category. Try to choose products that will be purchased all year round and supplement your stock with seasonable products, such as outdoor games in the summer months.


Books have been Amazon’s top-selling product since the get-go, making them the