How to Prepare for Amazon Prime Day in July 2022

Posted on 30 May 2022

Along with Black Friday, Amazon Prime Day is one of the best days of the year for Amazon sellers. Consumers flock to Amazon in their millions to find discounted prices and special offers.

In 2021, there were over $11bn in sales on Amazon Prime Day – the largest amount since the event began.

As a seller, it’s a fantastic opportunity to get your products in front of more people and increase your sales.

The event has changed in the last few years. COVID, growing inflation, and disruptions to supply chains have all led to complications. However, sales are still increasing year on year, so it’s still an excellent opportunity for your Amazon business.

Not sure where to start? In this guide, you’ll learn how to prepare for Amazon Prime Day in July 2022. At Zee, we’re experts in helping Amazon FBA businesses, so we know a thing or two about how to maximize this opportunity. Find top tips, instructions, and links to helpful resources to make the most of ‘Christmas in July’!

How to Prepare for Amazon Prime Day as a Seller

The best ways to prepare for Amazon Prime Day as a seller is to adjust your pricing, optimize your listings, monitor your inventory, and ramp up your marketing.

Here’s everything you need to do:

1. Adjust your pricing

Consumers expect discounts on Amazon Prime Day, so consider adjusting your prices.

Don’t go more than 20 per cent above or below your competitors as a rule of thumb. Go too low and you may de-value your product, but go too high, and you’ll struggle to compete.

You can add a list and sale price separately. This will then show the discount as a percentage on your listing, which could entice a user to buy your product.

2. Optimize your listings

Price isn’t everything – your listings also need to be up to scratch.

Check your title, description, and images. Do they contain keywords that your target audience will be searching for? If not, include them to make your products more visible in Amazon search results.

You could also try Amazon’s split testing tool. This allows you to A/B test your listings to work out what copy converts better. If you do this in advance of Prime Day, you’ll have a higher chance of converting users.

3. Monitor your inventory

Do you have enough stock to cope with the increase in sales on Prime Day?

You don’t want to receive an influx of orders, then realize you can’t fulfill them!

Look at your sales on other significant events like Black Friday. Use this to forecast how much stock you’ll need, so you can fulfill any orders that come through without delays.

4. Ramp up your marketing

You may want to consider bidding more aggressively on PPC ads during Prime Day. This will help you beat out the competition and become more visible to consumers.

If you’re a brand registered seller, you can also take advantage of other features like Sponsored Brands and Sponsored Display ads.

There are off-Amazon marketing channels to utilize as well. For example, use social media to drive more traffic to your listings. You can create discount codes just for social media with targeted landing pages.

Reach even more social media users with paid ads. Facebook and Instagram ads are popular, and increasingly brands are using TikTok to promote their Amazon products.

Additional ways to prepare for Amazon Prime Day

Create great offers

There are many ways to create eye-catching deals for Prime members, such as:

  • Amazon Coupons:These appear as a green tag next to the listing price, so your customers can’t miss them. Make sure you submit any coupons by June 10th if you’re based in the US.
  • Lightning Deals: These are quick deals only available for a few hours. This creates a sense of urgency, which is known to increase sales. Running these deals can be more expensive on Prime Day than other times in the year, but the payoff is usually worth it.
  • Promotions: In Amazon Seller Central, you can add promotions like ‘buy one get one free’. You can also get discount codes to promote on social media.

Bundle items together

One popular tactic is to sell a range of items together in a bundle. This is attractive to users because it often comes at a discounted price.

Top tip: include items in the bundle that aren’t selling well to clear your inventory.

Promote your best products

You’ll likely have more success if you push products you know will sell well. The Amazon algorithm rewards popular products, and if they already have a good track record, you have a better chance of success.

This doesn’t mean you should ignore underperforming products. This event is a great time to shift any unwanted inventory. However, we advise putting your bestsellers at the forefront of your efforts.

See what’s trending

Look at bestsellers on Amazon leading up to Prime Day to see what’s trending. Do you have any similar products? Or can you launch something in time for the event?

Push these products to ride the wave and capture what users are searching for right now.

Send your shipments on time (FBA)

There will likely be delays as Amazon warehouses prepare for the influx in orders they need to fulfill.

If you’re using Amazon FBA, you must get your shipments sent on time. Otherwise, your customers will experience delays.

Try getting your orders to your chosen center by June 20th to avoid disappointment.

Zee is giving all sellers 50% off fixed IOR fees this June!

Not sure where to start when it comes to FBA? Read our ultimate guide to Amazon FBA to find out more.

Request reviews

Amazon now has a ‘Request Reviews’ button. This sends a message to the buyer asking them to leave a review.

Getting more reviews will help you in the long run, as it builds trust with users and can convince them to make a purchase.

Monitor existing reviews

Likewise, have you been monitoring any existing reviews on your products?

Before Prime Day, make sure you respond to any negative reviews. This is an excellent opportunity to demonstrate how you’ve solved any problems customers have had in the past. This will reassure anyone reading negative reviews before they make a purchase.

Avoid inflating prices

Some retailers choose to increase their prices before a big event like Black Friday, so it looks like consumers are getting a significant discount.

However, shoppers are more intelligent than ever. Browser extensions such as Honey show shoppers the historical price of products, so they can see how you’ve changed the price over time.

Increasing prices just before Prime Day will look suspicious. This may harm your brand’s reputation, in the long run, so be careful!

What to do After Prime Day

Once Prime Day is over, you’ll need to re-adjust your prices and PPC spend and check your inventory levels.

Re-adjust pricing

Return your prices to their normal levels once the event has finished. Otherwise, you may be harming your profit margins in the long term.

However, if you’re trying to clear some inventory, you could keep these prices the same (or even lower!).

Adjust PPC spend

Now the event is over; you don’t need to bid as aggressively on PPC ads anymore. Re-adjust your spending, so you’re not wasting money.

Check your stock

Do you still have stock left to cover your usual number of orders? Check that everything is to continue with business as usual.

What is Amazon Prime Day?

Amazon Prime Day is a two-day shopping event exclusive to Amazon Prime members. Consumers can save money on a range of goods, including electrical items, fashion, beauty, and homeware.

It’s designed to sell Amazon Prime subscriptions and offers exclusive deals to these customers to encourage more people to sign up.

It’s a massive event for consumers and sellers who benefit from discounted deals and more sales.

When is Amazon Prime Day 2022?

Amazon Prime Day will take place in July 2022. It’s predicted that it will be from Monday 18th to Tuesday 19th of July, but this hasn’t been confirmed yet.

Usually, the date is announced one or two weeks before the event.

Why should sellers focus on Amazon Prime Day?

Final Thoughts

As an Amazon Seller, Prime Day is an opportunity you can’t afford to miss. There are innumerable benefits for your brand that can have a long-lasting impact on your business.

In this guide, you’ve learned how to prepare for Amazon Prime Day to be better equipped to make the most of the event.

Take advantage of the benefits it offers and skyrocket your growth.

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