Import Legislations and Control

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Import Legislations and Control

What Does Customs Cleared Mean For International Shipping?

What does customs cleared mean? Read on to learn what is required to receive customs clearance when importing goods to a foreign country.

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Import Legislations and Control

What Is Importer Of Record and Who Can Act As One?

What is an Importer Of Record and why is it crucial to have one when shipping internationally? Read on to learn about the purpose of an IOR.

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Import Legislations and Control

Fulfilled By Amazon vs Fulfilled By Merchant: How Are They Different?

Fulfillment by Amazon and Fulfillment by Merchant are two methods frequently used by sellers today. Read on to discover the difference between FBA vs FBM.

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Import Legislations and Control

What Is Amazon FBA Shipping and How Does It Work?

A key part of selling on Amazon is setting up a plan for shipping products to customers. How does Amazon FBA shipping work? We have your answers!

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Import Legislations and Control

Could New EU Customs Regulations Spell Disaster for E-commerce Sellers?

To ensure you are expansion-ready, learn of four changes in legislation that have impacted EU distance selling regulations to look out for.