5 Surprising Factors That Influence FBA in A New Market

Posted on 18 August 2021

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Businesses are fluid and can change course rapidly, which is part of what makes them so exciting. Since a leaking boat is a sinking boat, the best way to keep your head above water in a new market is to have a leakproof success strategy mapped out.

To unlock your global FBA potential, a few basic details can help you expand into a new market seamlessly and delight your new customers. An excellent place to start building a solid foundation is to treat each added market as a new business and readdress all the details you managed with your local listing.

This means reviewing your current operational, aesthetic, and marketing details and adapting them for a new market.

Here are some surprising details that can influence the success of your FBA listings in a new territory:

Knockout Packaging Wins

From a marketing perspective, your packaging is the window to your brand’s soul. Packaging is the first thing your customers will see when they open the Amazon box, so it’s crucial to use it as a tool to foster your brand’s identity.

Consistent and visually appealing packaging will help your brand to communicate your story and convey your specific character. Remember that different markets will have different standards and expectations for packaging, so revise your packaging according to the target market.

Your packaging can also allow you to build a unique and memorable brand experience in the smartest way possible. So be creative with how you package your goods.

Consider packaging details such as:

These details will add to your overall buyer experience and increase your chances of return customers and positive reviews.

Information Is Your Friend

Knowledge is power, especially for a budding business. So, rather than being caught unprepared, arm yourself with the ability to take on any unforeseen challenges that may come your way. One of the best ways you can ensure you are always prepared is to stay informed.

Subscribe to industry newsletters or set up Google alerts, keep abreast with thought leaders in the space, read as much as you can about what other businesses have experienced. You can also join thought communities by following forums, groups, and networks in your target territory to stay informed.

Critical to your success when entering any new market is to make sure you are clear on the operational requirements which may change for your business as you expand. From having a reliable and professional IOR to knowing your duty and tax rates, there is more than meets the eye when growing your Amazon business.

Ultimately,  as an Amazon seller, having a good knowledge of international compliance, customs clearance, and logistics requirements will help you to prevent stuck shipments and make expanding into new markets a more seamless experience.

Get to Know the Local Culture

When expanding into a new market, even an established Amazon business will encounter new customer behaviors. You will need to thoroughly consider cultural nuances to avoid cultural misunderstanding and ultimately increase your chances of success.

Cultural norms can be tricky because they often can’t be quantified or defined. It’s a good idea to engage with members of the local market and other sellers to try and understand any potential language or cultural barriers you may experience. It may even be worthwhile to hire someone from the area to edit your listing and help you ensure it meets local cultural standards.

It is necessary to address both positive and negative feedback in a new way and closely monitor your Amazon product reviews and engage accordingly. You should also continue to thank the positive reviewers, respond to the negative ones, and flag false ones for removal by Amazon. While doing so, be sure you are adhering to the region’s accepted customer service standards.

Always Be Wary of Claims That You Can’t Achieve

There are a few key factors to consider to create a great amazon listing, especially when trying to build a customer base in a new territory. While you want to express your product’s competitive edge, it’s also essential that you avoid the mistake of overpromising and underdelivering – especially when you are trying to establish a new customer base. Remember, your customers are purchasing your product to serve a particular function so, make sure your advertising aligns predominantly with what you offer. Ultimately, an unsatisfied customer’s frustration and anger can lead to a negative review and damage your image during a crucial period.

It’s all fine and well to advertise your product as high-quality, for example, if that is accurate. However, if you are using cheap or poor-quality materials for your product or getting it from a low-quality producer, you should be wary of the words you choose in your listing copy.

So, while it is essential to have a compelling copy on your Amazon listing, you need to be 100% truthful about what you are selling. That is not to say you should mention your product is manufactured with lower-quality materials, instead leave out any mention on quality and focus on the actual benefits. In the end, the suggestion is to under-promise in your listing and overdeliver with your product.

It Never Hurts to Offer a Great Deal Or Discount

It is no secret that people love a good deal. Psychologically a discount can justify a purchase or incentivize your product over another.  With evolving deal-finding technology and other sweeteners, offering a promotion or a discount is a fantastic way to increase customer retention and return customer numbers, especially as you are trying to crack into a new market.

Tools such as product inserts that offer discounts on the next purchase will help set you apart from your competition. Just be cautious to adhere to Amazon terms and conditions when it comes to competitive practices. For example, Amazon does not want sellers to divert traffic to other eCommerce sites and forbids sellers from soliciting positive reviews from Amazon customers.

It is also wise to ensure your discount or promotion is airtight before launching as they are frequently abused. You do not want to watch your profits suffer as a 40% discount code is used multiple times or existing clients abuse a sign-on promotion.

Rediscover Your Customer Service Philosophy

Typically for FBA, Amazon handles most customer service on your behalf; however, a customer can reach out to you directly with a complaint.  Customer service, however, isn’t always simply responding to complaints. It can also be engaging on social media, sharing unboxing stories, or just showing the clients that engage with you that you care.

Customer service through any interaction is a fundamental part of a functioning business. How you conduct your customer service can make or break your Amazon business because of the highly competitive nature of the platform.

The philosophy ‘the customer is always right is particularly pertinent for a platform such as Amazon, where there are several areas that can be affected by an unhappy customer. Primarily you can end up with a bad review which can be harmful to your overall listing. Secondly, combative service can affect both the sale and future sales. Your customer is also less likely to recommend your products to their friends. Ultimately, it’s not worth the risk to your business to fight with your customer about a purchasing experience.

Instead, peruse the customer service playbook to strengthen the integrity and trust in your brand.

Here are a few key tips to consider:

  1. Respond to the issues quickly.
  2. Stay calm and non-combative.
  3. Offer help in any way that you can.
  4. Avoid canned responses.
  5. Communicate in a personable and direct way.
  6. Help your customer to feel considered and heard.

The work you do in a new market takes more than just technical tools and apps. It’s a series of surprising details and small gestures that all come together to really make a difference. Zee partners with Amazon sellers to unlock their global potential by offering the missing link, making global expansion simpler.

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