Making Global Feel Local

Why zee? We make the global feel local by offering complete IOR, compliance, import and logistics solutions. Our expert services will act as the catalyst for your E-commerce business and ignite your true selling potential.

Want to enure your are VAT and Tax compliant in your next foreign destination?
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Simplifying Global Expansion for Established E-Commerce Sellers

We support cross-border expansion with a comprehensive and personalized solution. We offer expert VAT, tax, product, import, customs & entity compliance, Importer of Record(IOR), and freight solutions into all major marketplaces.

Are You Stuck in Your Current Marketplace?

  • Taking your brand to a new country can be intimidating. zee can help to make it an exciting experience.
  • We take control of product compliance for your e-commerce products, lightening your burden for any extra work.
  • Our team accurately determine your prospective duty and tax obligations, making VAT and tax compliance a smooth process.
  • We ensure successful shipments every time with a comprehensive import and logistics solution. With it, you won’t need to worry about your shipments getting stuck at customs or even returned.
  • Our experts will work out whether you are overpaying Import VAT, meaning you’ll know how much you can expect to get back.

Zee can help ➜

Our combined solution means you have global-reach at your fingertips with:

  • A dedicated Account Manager on your account for all your services and for all countries
  • Tech-enabled communication, task completion, and tracking of progress on all services.
  • A highly qualified team of lawyers, accountants, and professionals are working on your account in the background at all times, with limited involvement from your team required.


How Does zee Do This?

We will get your brand ready to sell in the new country in 2 easy steps:

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Lighten the load of VAT, Tax Compliance, and Product Compliance. Zee will manage your compliance to ensure your e-commerce business is legal for import and sale in your selected marketplaces.
Two Shipping Crates
Receive first-time clearance on your shipments every time with our streamlined Importer of Record, Customs, and Import Logistics services.


Your Next Global Marketplace

We provide DDP shipping from your pickup locations directly to Fulfillment Centers and 3PLs in the following locations.

Click on your chosen country for more information.

What our clients say

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  • - Melody, based in the USA, $1million+ in sales

    “Our favourite part of the Zee service is the shipping updates, we don’t have to worry about constantly checking if our goods have been picked up, cleared, or delivered. The customer service has also been exceptional! Really friendly and responsive.”

  • - Sophia, based in Singapore, $1 million+ in sales

    “I’m very happy with the Zee team, and really appreciate the effort and work that they put into delivering our shipments. They’ve made EU business imports far easier for us and I would certainly recommend their services to other sellers who are looking for an easy solution to international importing”

  • - Stefan, based in the UK, $100k+ seller

    “Absolutely fantastic support from Daneel and the team at Zee. I would thoroughly recommend their service for getting goods into the EU.”

  • - Jordan, based in Japan, $500k+ seller

    “With Zee’s co-operation we have dramatically reduced our freight costs which has allowed us to increase the frequency of shipments and ultimately sell more.

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